Crowdsourced Street Video Map & Data

by Alleys Wonderlab,Inc.

Street Video Data for Virtual Exploration

We are crowdsourcing a street video and convert to geospatial information data

11,458 routes


5,361,726 m

Mapping Street Videos

4,893,961 sec

Total timeline

24 Countries



Process & Technology

Here is an overview of how we build Alleys platform using crowdsourcing model.

User Participation

  • Street-level Videos
  • Multi sensor data w/GPS
  • Mobile, Action Cams
  • Community, Group Maps

Geospatial Data

  • Stitching Videos
  • Video Geospatial System
  • Sensor Data Analysis
  • Map & Route Matching

Video Data APIs

  • Video-driven Guides
  • Travel, Logging Services
  • Virtual Tour Contents
  • Image, Machine Learning

Alleys Products

We provide Alleys Map & Guide for crowdsourcing video data

Featured Street Videos

Here are some crowdsourced street videos in various area

    Virtual Tour Contents

    We create a virtual tours using crowdsourced video geospatial data & system

    Human Combination of Street Videos, POIs and Stories

    Create a story-driven virtual tour for marketing, tourism, local promotion and so on.

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    Our Team

    We are a group of experts who have a variety experiences in global companies.

    Several investors, partners support our vision